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Stardust Lighting has a strong and experienced Research & Development Department, which means a variety of new products with stable quality and rational construction can be developed each quarter of a year. Besides, a well-trained production team can be one of the reasons why many customers from different countries choose us every year. We guarantee the efficient communication between you and us. Check below, and see what benefits you can get from Stardust Lighting.

We must comply with the date of shipping, quality and quantity agreed upon in each purchase order.

Stardust Lighting will provide you with the technology support and the necessary training.

Stardust Lighting inform you in time of the opportunities of any deals that are generated directly and are originated in the Distribution Territory.

As an exclusive agent, you have the right to getting our best factory price support and other positive police, even some of the discount.

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Prompt Turn Out 100%
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Foshan Stardust LightingCO., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures, which integrates R&D, production,marketing and customer service all into one first-rate and first-class business. Head-quatered in China,the company has Offices in China and Germany, supplies LED Floor lamp, track lights, Downlight, High & Lowbay, Projection & profile spotlight, flood lights, Linear lights, Highbay Bulb and many other advanced LED lighting.