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Our Commercial Lighting Fixtures and Indoor Commercial Lighting


Stardust lighting is a reliable name globally for commercial lighting fixtures, indoor commercial lighting, and commercial lighting sales.


Our commercial lighting fixtures and indoor commercial lighting are made at state of the art manufacturing plant situated at China under strict quality control standards. Each of our products is specifically designed to perform best in its intended role. Our commercial lighting sales figures particularly in Europe are constantly rising, which reflect high level of trust by our business partners.


Our Different Commercial Lighting Fixtures

We offer a number of commercial lighting fixtures catering to different business requirements. Here are some of our popular commercial lighting types:


LED Track Lighting: Our LED track light provides easy to adjust high lumens light which really make an object more visually appealing and stand out by highlighting its colors. Our SDS-016k-30w is highly successful model for this purpose.


LED Down Light: It is usually installed on ceilings and directs light downwards. It comes with adjustable angle to focus light on a certain place. SDR-041, SDR-079, SDR-074 and SDR-070 are our popular models.


Projector and Profile Spotlight: Our LED projector and profile spotlight throws a high power focused beam at a specific area. It is commonly used for special events and visual purposes. Our SDG-001 is a highly popular model.


LED Studio Spotlight: Our LED studio spotlight has a powerful light beam which illuminates the intended area very well. It is commonly used in studios with SDT-003 being highly popular model.


LED Hallway Light: Our LED Hallway light is commonly used in hallways and ceilings of commercial buildings to illuminate a particularly area in all directions. Our SDH-004 is highly popular model for this purpose.


All of these are our highly popular types of indoor commercial lighting with special emphasis on innovative design and usability features such as vertical and horizontal adjustment, durability, high quality, and superior lens. Our commercial lighting fixtures also use latest LEDs with high light while using very low energy.


Our Commercial Lighting Sales Services

Our commercial lighting fixtures are shipped to our commercial lighting sales office situated at Germany. From there, our commercial lighting fixtures are easily distributed all across Europe in bulk. Because of this, our products have full warranty period and quicker claim adjustments.