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LED Lighting Distributor

Stardust Lighting Company: Providing Exceptional Dealer Service to Wholesale LED Lighting Distributors


As a wholesale lighting distributors, finding a reliable partner that offers quality products and exceptional dealer service is crucial to your success. Stardust Lighting Company is one such partner that has built a reputation for providing outstanding service to its dealers. We have a wide range of products, including LED lights, chandeliers, pendants, and more. We will explore six aspects of Stardust Lighting Company's wholesale lighting dealer service that make it stand out in the industry.


Product Quality

As a wholesale LED lighting distributor, you need products that meet high standards of quality. Stardust Lighting Company delivers on this aspect by providing products that are manufactured with precision, using top-of-the-line materials, and the latest technology. Our product range includes a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting options.


Competitive Pricing

As a wholesale lighting distributor, your success depends on your ability to offer competitive prices to your customers. Stardust Lighting Company understands this, which is why they offer their products at prices that are competitive with other LED lighting distributors in the market.


Fast Shipping

When you need products quickly, Stardust Lighting Company delivers. They have a streamlined process for order fulfillment, ensuring that products are shipped out promptly, and you receive them within a short time frame. Their shipping process is reliable and efficient, making it easy for you to meet the demands of your customers.


Exceptional Customer Support      

As LED lighting distributors, you need a partner that understands the importance of excellent customer support. Stardust Lighting Company offers unparalleled customer service to its dealers, with a team of experts always available to answer questions and address concerns promptly.     


Marketing Support

To be successful in the wholesale lighting distributor industry, you need to market your products effectively. Stardust Lighting Company provides marketing support to its dealers, including product images, descriptions, and other materials to help you promote their products.


Training and Education

As the lighting industry evolves, it's crucial to stay updated on new technology and industry trends. Stardust Lighting Company provides training and education to its dealers, ensuring that they are up-to-date with the latest industry developments. This helps dealers to offer the best advice and support to their customers, positioning them as experts in the field.


  • We can provide you with a full range of agency services. Including providing a complete solar solution for your building, improving energy consumption and saving energy consumption. For the arrangement and selection of architectural lighting, we provide optical division, cost calculation, and installation guidance.

Design Team

  • We have ability to process the products. Our team consists of professional designers. All from a single source. Our supply chain has sample making technique, workshop is located in China's Guangdong province.
  • The workshop building area exceeds 20,000 square meters and our employees exceed 300 person. available support: laser cutting, stamping die casting, CNC, bending process, spraying and oxidation.

24-hour customer service

  • Customer service and a German sales team are available on site around 24 hours a day, leading to fast and efficient response times.

Logistics Services

  • Multiple package carriers to choose from with guaranteed delivery across Europe - DPD, GLS, OPS, DHL and more.
  • Containers are regularly sent from China to Germany, shortening delivery times and saving transportation costs. We guarantee that orders will arrive at your door as quickly as possible. Express delivery is managed systematically by the customer tracking the transportation situation. Under the current high transportation cost, we will deliver the goods to the customer in the most economical way.

SKD Services

  • Our workshop is in Germany, so we can offer you SKD service as assembly, return of goods, repair and inspection. SKD means Semi Knocked Down, a form of manufacturing and marketing of Electronic product, today it also applies to our products. We strive to be genuinely made in Germany.