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Eco solar energy

  • The solar power system is charged by solar panel which can convert sunlight into electric power under solar raddiation. 10KW-12KW off-grid solar PV system can provide power electricity for most of home appliances in the remote areas which are shortage of grid-electricity.

Solar panel installation

  • Solar panels series offer good expansion potential and lower cost, parallel connections are less prone to shading issues, while hybrid options combine the best of both worlds.
  • Series connected arrays produce higher voltages and low amperage, allowing for growth and low installation costs. In contrast, parallel wiring models produce low voltages and high amperage and are less prone to issues such as array shading. Hybrid, or series/parallel, wired panels combine the characteristics of both types allowing for excellent installation flexibility.
Meet all fluctuating electricity demands by using energy saving products & eco solar energy

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Eco Solar Energy Diverse Applications